Matsuri origins are steeped in ancient rituals and beliefs. People pray for life, no disasters, a good harvest and a good haul. Even after a few thousand years, Matsuri shows that the hopes poeple pray for have not changed.

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GTF Green Challenge Day 2022 in Shinjuku Gyoen

Nov.5(Sat)~Nov.6(Sun), 2022

Shinjuku Gyoen Park

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19th Shinjuku Eisa Festival

Jul.30(Sat),2022 12:00~16:00

Shinjuku East Exit Station Square

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Tokyo Koenji Awa-Odori 2022

Aug.27(Sat)~Aug.28(Sun), 2022

ZA-KOENJI Public Theatre

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Musical "Pippin"

Aug.30(Tue)~Sep.19(Mon), 2022


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Asakusa Samba Carnival 2022

Sep.17(Sat)~Sep.18(Sun), 2022


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40th Anniversary of Kinshicho Kawachi Festival

Sep.24(Sat), 2022 13:30~17:30

Tatekawa Water Park, Sumida Ward