Gorgeous floats and winter fireworks 

Chichibu Yomatsuri



Six gorgeous floats and fireworks beautifully lighting up the winter night sky

Chichibu Yomatsuri 

Chichibu Yomatsuri is regarded as one of three most famous float festivals in Japan where six huge gorgeous floats parade through the city. At the climax on the night of December 3rd, the huge floats, which up to 20 tons each, are drawn up the steep Dango slope making a really surprising and spectacular scene.
The festival with over 300 years of history is famous throughout Japan and was even registered as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO in 2016.


Chichibu Yomatsuri


Mon. 02 Dec, 2019 (12:00~20:00)

Tue. 03 Dec, 2019(9:00~0:00/Dawn the next morning)


Around the Chichibu Shrine

The nearest station

Seibu Chichibu Sta.(Seibu Chichibu railway)

※Additional train service would be provided during the festival.
Visit Chichibu railway official website for latest information


Chichibu-Yomatsuri Tourism Executive Committee


☎ +81 494-21-2277


Chichibu Shrine(Japanese only)

Chichibu visitors guide

Chichibu Omotenashi Tourism Organization

Saitamatsuri (Saitama festival guide official website)

Photo Gallery





2019 Chichibu Festival Flyer (Japanese only)


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