A fantastic feast of fireworks and lanterns floating on Lake Ashi 

Hakone Summer Festival Week 2020



A fantastic feast of fireworks and lanterns floating on Lake Ashi

Hakone Summer Festival Week 2020

Hakone Summer Festival Week 2020 is a grand celebration that celebrates the Shinto rituals held at various places around Lake Ashi from July 31st to August 5th for 6 days.
The festival week starts with Ashinoko Kosui Matsuri, pre-festival of 1263 Anniversary Celebration Hakone Shrine. This event is dedicated to the nine headed dragon living at the bottom of Lake Ashi in Hakone. In the evening, more than 1,000 (more than 3,000) lanterns float on the lake and fireworks are launched in a fantastic atmosphere.
On August 1, the main event " 1263 Anniversary Celebration Hakone Shrine " will be held at Hakone Shrine, and there will be some ritual performances in dedication to the gods of Hakone Shrine.
Other than that, there will be full of events and fireworks and taken places around Lake Ashi every day. Kojiri Dragon Festival on Aug 4th (dedicated to the enshrined Dragon of Lake Ashi), Festival of the Burning Shrine Gates on Aug 5th (two pairs of torii gates are lit with a sacred fire) and so on. Along with many dedication events and fireworks that make you feel the long history and tradition of Hakone, you can enjoy the solemn and beautiful summer tradition of Hakone.
* Photo provided by Hakone Town Tourism Division


Hakone Summer Festival Week 2020 


Fri. 31 Jul ~ Wed. 05 Aug




Hakone Lake Ashi (T.B.D.)

The nearest station

Moto-Hakone Port  & Hakone-machi Port 

(Hakone Tozan bus &Pirate ship) 

Hakone Kojiri Terminal (Izu Hakone Railway)

※Please refer to this route map for access to each port & terminal


Accessible Bathroom available 

Language support

English and Chinese speaking staff available at Tourist Information Center


Hakone Tourist Information Center

☎+81 460-85-5700 (English and Chinese)

Business hours 9:00~17:45


Ashinoko Ashinoyu Chiku Kankou Renrakukyougikai


Hakone Japan (Hakone Tourist Association)

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Watch fireworks on the fireworks viewing ship

During the festival week, fireworks will be launched at various places on the shores of Lake Ashi and Fireworks viewing ships will be operated by Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. You can enjoy watching beautiful fireworks swinging on a 700-seater catamaran. No reservation required.



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