One of Japan's three largest Awa Odori festival 

Minami-Koshigaya Awa Odori Festival

Saitama・Koshigaya city 


Japan's top three Awa Odori Festivals attracting 700,000 people every year

Minami-Koshigaya Awa Odori Festival

Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori festival is now counted among the top three Awa Odori festivals in Japan along with the Tokushima City and Tokyo Koenji Awa dance festivals.
There are about 80 Awa Odori dance groups, mainly in Koshigaya, and 6,500 dancers in total. You can enjoy watching outstanding dance performance by top-class performers invited from Tokushima, a home of Awa Odori dance. In addition, the distance between the dancers and the audience is very close, and you can enjoy the realism of a live performance and feel the passion of the dancers.
There are many must-see programs besides “Nagashi Odori(Awa Odori Parade)”! "Butai Odori (Stage dance)" that makes full use of lighting and sound, and "Kumi Odori", which is performed at a special outdoor stage venue, are also very popular programs.
The festival became one of the most popular summer festivals in Saitama, It has grown in popularity over the decades, attracted about 780,000 spectators last year. 


Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori festival 


Canceled in 2020


Near Shin-Koshigaya station (Tobu line)

Near Minami-Koshigaya station (JR line)

The nearest station

Shin-Koshigaya Sta. (Tobu Isesaki line)

Minami-Koshigaya Sta.  (JR Musashino line)


780,000 (2019)


◦Wheelchair ramps installed in the venue

◦Courtesy seats (space) available


☎ +81 48 986 2266 (Japanese only)


Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori promotion association


Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori festival official website (Japanese only)

Saitamatsuri (Saitama festival guide official website)

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